Here is what I am praying for the people of Paris. Add your prayers.
  1. Peace
    For those who don't know what is going on or where the people they love are.
  2. Comfort
    For those who have lost those they love or watched humans die tonight
  3. Courage
    For those who are afraid. That they would hold fast to what is true no matter what they feel.
  4. Endurance
    For those who are working through the night to keep people safe
  5. Hope
    For those who are afraid, alone, despairing to reach out to God and find a new kind of hope that cannot and will not disappoint.
  6. God
    For that veil, that keeps us from seeing things as they truly are, to be removed. That the One who has torn it in two would walk the streets of Paris tonight and touch and hold and call His children home.
  7. Repentance
    For those who have pulled triggers tonight: that they would be unable to if not the weight of shame and conviction. That it would haunt them until they turn to Him who stands ready and waiting to heal.