1. He discerns my thoughts
    Which I can't even do, so there's no way you can.
  2. He sees me when I sit and rise
    You can only see me when we're in the same place. Which means you can only know the version of me that I am around you.
  3. He has searched me and known me
    First of all- past tense. He's already done it. You're just getting started. Second of all- what He knows about me isn't based on any assumptions (even though, in His case, they'd be right.) He has searched me to know me. You have an idea of me based on what you see externally.
  4. He knows my words altogether before I even say them
    You only know my words when I say them which I can't do unless I can find the right words. And even then, you interpret what you think I mean through what those words mean to you.
  5. He is acquainted with all my ways
    Even if you see patterns in my life, you usually only see the ones that impact you- either positively or negatively. He sees them ALL. And you usually only 'see' my tendencies. He is acquainted with them: familiar with them in the way that only someone who has been with you for every second of your life can be.