This changes daily/weekly. For the end of October 2015, the theme is being understood!
  1. He knows me better than you
    See list 'Reasons God is better at knowing me than you.'
  2. He knows how it feels to be misunderstood
    I hate being misunderstood SO much, (a fact that is currently being highlighted in my life.) But it's helping me get my head around God more. And how much endurance He has for being misunderstood.
  3. He is obsessed with understanding me
    Because my need to be understood is so out of control right now, it's tempting to think God's goal is for me to get over it. Not the case. God is obsessed with me being understood. He understands me cause He's God, but He didn't stop there. He sent His Son so that He could say 'I get it' when this human experience is overwhelming me. And He gave me His Spirit to translate my feelings and thoughts to Him when I can't even figure out what to say. It's a divine conspiracy to understand me.
  4. To feel understood by Him I have to seek to understand Him
    I'm hungry to feel understood. Obvi. And I know God wants that hunger to drive me to Him. I get that He wants to satisfy that desire. But practically, how does that work? He's showing me that the road to being understood is understanding Him. Eg: when I hear Him say 'I'm interceding for you with groans cause you don't know what to say', I realize that He gets how hard it is to capture these feelings in words. I feel known. Understood.
  5. Being understood by people is a miracle
    Words are an unreliable vehicle to carry understanding. People hear you through their own insecurities & you communicate through yours. Those moments when someone looks at you and understands? Those are miracles where God has granted someone a shared experience of the thing you're describing (which is somehow Him.) eg: when you fail & someone understands how you feel, it's not because you've chosen the right words to communicate, it's because they've experienced grace in their own failure.