1. If we all lived to 160, would we still care about the five-day work week
  2. If we worked less each week, does that mean our weekends would be more fun or less special?
  3. Would we be salaried the same as we are now even though fewer days would be spent working?
  4. What about sick days?
  5. like if you miss a day or two that's a whole week basically
  6. Would vacations be two weeks or ten business days?
  7. If you took vacations how many days of work would you miss to be completely out of the loop?
  8. Would we get bored of life at a certain point?
  9. I bet my grandpa can answer a lot of these questions
  10. Not because he's old. Because he's smart and would probably know the answers
  11. He's very old though, too. That last point was not to discount his age. He is very old
  12. 97 in fact! Yeah, right? That's pretty old, huh
  13. With those genetics I'll never die
  14. But what if I die before human average life expectancy is so old?
  15. What if human life expectancy is still so old but I die young anyway because I get hit by a car or choke on a pringle?
  16. Will Pringles still be around?
  17. I hope so
  18. Pringles are great