Gizmo is the best dog in the world, and it's not just because he's my dog. He really is. Tip::click on the photo, and swip through the rest.
  1. This one:
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    He pushed my hand so I can pet him more.
  2. This one:
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    He used to have his own bed, before he destroyed his and took over mine.
  3. This one:
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    He's very photogenic...
  4. This one:
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    & very sleepy.
  5. This one:
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    He waits for you when you use the bathroom.
  6. This one:
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    He's a natural born watchdog, but he has his work standards. He must be in the comfort of pillow forts and blankets, if not=no deal.
  7. This one:
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    He just woke up. Flawless.
  8. This one:
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    Sometimes he just does things, and I laugh.
  9. This one:
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    Ok, being cute all the time is exhausting.
  10. This one:
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    Channeling some Drake vibes.