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My best friend Bill Ervin made a list of his best friends and what became of them which made me reminisce about my long ago days.
  1. 1958-1963 Scott. He lived across the street from me. There's movies of us as babies splashing in the sprinkler. He and I are still in touch. He is super smart (#1 in my class and went to MIT and became a math /science genius).
  2. 2nd-10th grade Marsha. She and I were the tallest 3rd graders. In HS she was part of the SA 5. I am fb friends with her only.
  3. 4th grade-senior year. Kathy. She and I were inseparable although school. She was the polar opposite of me in looks short, thin, straight hair, pretty. We had some fun nights drinking and taking about boys. She was also part of the SA 5
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If I was on a game show and could use a lifeline I'd ask for these friends since I don't know famous people lol
  1. Music-rock n roll, blues, jazz TODD
  2. Science-most any type BOB
  3. Food-Pat or BILL
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So @pili_ervin and I talked about our deserted island top ten albums yesterday (he's one of the best conversationalists btw❤️). This is difficult because I love all types of music (except heavy metal and country), but here it is, as of this point in my life. The first 6 will never change (not in any order of preference).
  1. Marvin Gaye-What's Going On
    Love, love this album. Emotional and radical.
  2. Santana-Abraxas
    It's a mix of rock, jazz, blues and salsa that just makes a home in my soul. Samba Pa Ti was our wedding song.
  3. Al Green-Al Green Greatest Hits
    Cheating a bit as it is a greatest hits album but I've been listening to this since I was a love lorn teen.
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My 40th reunion is next month and I haven't gone to a single one yet. I'm contemplating whether I should go or not....
  1. I renewed friendships on FB with several people.
    However, after reading some of their FB posts I'm afraid to see them. 🙉🙈🙊
  2. None of the SA 5 will be there except one. 💁🏻
  3. The menu is meat oriented: Swedish meatballs, pork and baked ziti with meat sauce.
    When I inquired if there was a vegetarian menu, the response was Uh, no, why? 🙄. And it's so Detroit to have Swedish Meatballs 😂
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Every year I go to either HI or the Caribbean. I walk 4-5 miles every morning. I usually take something to put trash so I can clean the beaches I walk on.
  1. Hair ties. I can't even tell you how many I find.
  2. Parts of snorkel masks
  3. Ties for SUP, boogie boards or surf boards.
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I go to HI every year-love the Big Island-it's a great break from the Oregon grey. However, there are things I really dislike about the trip.
  1. I can only go during spring break. I teach and have a son in college so have to plan a trip for our break.
  2. I won't go to HI in summer because OR has THE BEST summers and it's too humid and hot in HI in July and August.
  3. Thousands of people are traveling from OR to one of the islands and it's a zoo at the airport. I stress I'll miss my flight. ✈️
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I was thinking about this yesterday and I remember writing down concerts I've attended but I can't find it. I hope I remembered them all. More to come I'm sure when I do remember.
  1. Chicago-Pine Knob 2x
  2. America-Detroit 2x
    John Sebastian back up band
  3. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band-Silverdome
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Yes, I watch TV. I enjoy it though I don't watch as much as the average American lol. These are tv shows that immediately come to mind that I would and have watch over and over.
  1. Seinfeld.
  2. Moonlighting
  3. Big Bang Theory
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I've been thinking about retirement the last few years. I thought I'd be able to in 3 yrs but my spouse says I should stretch it to 5. 😳. Here's why I want to retire:
  1. I've been teaching for 35+ years. I think I've lost my touch in teaching.
  2. I'm patient still but some days I just can't take all the paperwork, meetings, and kids' behaviors.
  3. I want to just to be with my friends. Of course that would be tough since they work lol.
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When my friend Bill asked me to add this app I thought the only lists I would make are grocery, errands, and books to read; I don't make a lot of lists. Then I started looking at what others do and decided I only wanted to to make lists that I would like to use for informational purposes or reflect back on. Here's a few to ponder ....
  1. Concerts I've attended.
  2. Sands I've collected from my journeys or friends' journeys.
  3. Scenic wonders I would like to see.