Requested by @pili_ervin
I love to read. I read different genres but my favorite is historical fiction.
  1. My Book House Collection. These were probably the first books I looked through and had read aloud to me.
  2. To Kill A Mockingbird. I LOVE this story.
  3. Silent Spring. I read this in college and I remember walking outside viewing things in a different way.
  4. Desert Solataire. A book I read on the way to OR.
  5. Monkey Wrench Gang. On of the first books I read after moving to OR.
  6. Coming Into the Country. J McPhee is such a wonderful writer. I retread this one a lot.
  7. Hawaii-long but oh so worth it. I think about it often.
  8. Ecotopia. How did I forget this one?? I read this instead of Brave New World back in the early 80s because it was shorter lol. I reread this once every summer.
  9. Anne Frank. I've read this book at different points in my life and think about it with a new perspective each time. I saw the building she hid in while visiting Amsterdam years ago and immediately read the book when I returned home. Powerful.
  10. Mists of Avalon. I was introduced to this during a time I was into metaphysics. It was one of the first fiction books I read told from a woman's perspective.
  11. Harry Potter series. I loved how these books excited kids to read again. I remember my daughter, reading this to her 3 yo brother who was entranced.
  12. Lamb by C. Moore. A book about Jesus told by his childhood friend. Hilarious and made me feel ok to not take religions so seriously.