I see bucket list inspirations a lot. Here are a few of my bucket list items in no order.
  1. Go to New Zealand. In college I used to love to go to the bookstore and sit in the travel section and look at pictorial travel books. One day I found a book about NZ. It was so beautiful I decided right then that would be my dream place to visit.
  2. Roller skate again. Growing up I used my roller skates every day. I would be distraught if I couldn't find my skate key or if my older sisters had it. Last time I roller skated was in the early 80s. I miss it.
  3. Snorkel where I can see a sea horse. I've seen incredible sea life while snorkeling but a sea horse has eluded me.
  4. Meet the Dalai Lama. One of my favorite quotes is "My religion is simple. My religion is kindness."
  5. Visit the Louvre. Days and days there would be sublime.
  6. Have a top chef cook my meals for a week. I'm an okay cook, but to have a top chef cook for me would be awesome.
  7. Stay at a Lily Beach Resort on the Maldives. The clear blue water right beneath the house, white sand beaches, and ocean breezes. Enough said....take me there.