I am not a brave woman. I realized long ago I was not meant to be. That's fine for me.
  1. Thunderstorms. I equate T storms with tornadoes. I grew up in MI and remember many times waiting in the basement for severe weather to pass.
  2. Spiders. While not terrified of them (I try to catch them under a glass to take outside) I am afraid if I see one in my bedroom. I'm afraid it will crawl on my face while I sleep.
  3. Nuclear war.
  4. Harm to anyone I care about. I try not to think about this fear much as it spirals into too many thoughts.
  5. That I didn't measure up to my parents expectations. I'll never know if this fear is justified as both my parents are dead.
  6. Family reading my journals after I die. I write my feelings down fairly often and at times don't hold back on some issues/stresses I have.
  7. Going to and being at the dentist. I had a horrible dentist as a child. Once I ditched going to the dentist (I walked to the office then just hung around outside for an hour). Later I got in a ton of trouble.