Requested by @pili_ervin
My best friend Bill Ervin made a list of his best friends and what became of them which made me reminisce about my long ago days.
  1. 1958-1963 Scott. He lived across the street from me. There's movies of us as babies splashing in the sprinkler. He and I are still in touch. He is super smart (#1 in my class and went to MIT and became a math /science genius).
  2. 2nd-10th grade Marsha. She and I were the tallest 3rd graders. In HS she was part of the SA 5. I am fb friends with her only.
  3. 4th grade-senior year. Kathy. She and I were inseparable although school. She was the polar opposite of me in looks short, thin, straight hair, pretty. We had some fun nights drinking and taking about boys. She was also part of the SA 5
  4. 4th grade-senior year. Julie. Julie was fun. She didn't care about school much (IMO) so she brought the excitement element. I remember walking to her house every morning and watching her get ready for school- it was a production. She too was part of SA5
  5. 1970-senior year Lauren My first friend who had money. I was always in awe of her. She was pretty (ended up as our Homecoming Queen) and very smart. She and I roomed together at MSU. We lost touch after her first marriage. Her second marriage is to a super wealthy, older guy from what I gather on fb.
    Part of SA 5.
  6. 1976-present Denise We met my first days at MSU. Love her. She is so funny and smart. We used to get high together and freak each other out. We'd go cruising for guys and rate their behinds, drink excessively and dance without a care. She and I last saw each other about 5 years ago.
  7. 1980-1984 Dede. Met her when I moved off to OR by myself. We lived together a few years and had a great time figuring life out together in a small lumber town where we were consider good catches because we had degrees and big time jobs. No longer in touch.
  8. 1980-1984 Gwen. My first hippie, vegan friend lol. She was a teacher of sped high schoolers in my district. She was so wild and down to earth. She knew chakras and reflexology and read tarot cards. She opened my eyes to a gentler side of life. She was 40 when we met. I wonder if she is still living?
  9. 1980-present Norma. Norma was the SLP for my sped kids. She was a pure, quiet soul and I often wonder how much Gwen,Dede and I embarrassed her. We only talk at Christmas although I did see her about 15 years ago.
  10. 1984-1990 Susan. This was a fellow teacher while in Corvallis. She was super smart and we used to go children's book shopping together. She died unexpected about 10 years ago.
  11. 1984-2000 Kim. A fellow SLP. A real firecracker of a woman. So much energy and fun when you're with her. We lost touch soon after I moved back to OR.
  12. 1990-present. Carson, not her true name but it's the only name I call her. My teaching partner in Issaquah. She interviewed me on the phone and said she knew we'd be friends. She was so fun to teach with and be friends with. I love her. She was in the room when my daughter was born because she was so much a part of our lives. We talk occasionally.
  13. 1990-present Mols. I always thought of her as Sweet Polly Purebred. She was the SLP for Carson's and my class. She was the quiet, rowdy one of the three of us. She also was cheering me on when my daughter was born.
    Mols always had your back-we talk when we can.
  14. 1990-present Jane. Oh Jane. Love her to pieces. She is a strong woman who was a teacher friend She told me she was a lesbian the same day Magic came out saying he had Aids. She came to live with us for short time and that's when I decided she would take my 2 kids should T and I die. My kids were her flower girl/ boy at her commitment ceremony.
  15. 1999-present. Lety. I cannot say enough about this friend. She's my confidant, my sounding board, my laughing buddy. We've been through so much together. I can always count on her 24/7 for ANYTHING. Our daughters were best friends in second grade and so we've been friends since. We talk at least once a day and text each other constantly.
  16. 2002-present Bill He is much more than a friend. I think of him as family (as I do Lety). He's so smart, fun, generous, kind, caring (whew, running out of adjectives here). We have THE best talks. I can talk with him for hours and not run out of things to say. I can't imagine him not being part of my life.
  17. Bill and I talk daily through text. Rare is it that we don't- which then seems weird and I panic that something is wrong.
  18. 1994-present Ruth. I met Ruth at the hippie childcare ctr our daughters were in-2 years old I think. The girls became best friends (still are) and Ruth and I forged a friendship. She is the calmest, most straight shooting parent. I learn a lot from her. She has helped me through some dark moments and never flinched.
    Our morning walks at Cannon Beach are memories I hold very close to my heart.
  19. 1976-present. T. My rock, my love, my guy. This man doesn't let me forget how to have fun, take risks (which I hate to do) and not worry. I enjoy life with him every day. We knew each other 14 yrs before we married. Been together 41 years. ❤