Powerball $$$

So the powerball is at 1.3 billion. Too much money to even fathom🤑Here's my fantasy win list.
  1. Give half the $$ to the Clackamas Women's Shelter, Union Gospel Mission,PP, Red Cross and local food banks/clothes closets for the homeless and poverty stricken.
  2. Give $$ to my immediate family.
  3. Give $$ to several friends.
  4. Hire a chef. One who is an excellent sushi chef as well.
  5. Buy a condo on the Big Island.
  6. Install solar panels on my house.
  7. Buy an energy efficient car.
  8. Put in energy efficient big windows in my living room and downstairs.
  9. Hire a lawyer and financial advisor.
  10. Buy my kids each a car
  11. New kitchen, carpets, wood floors