✈️ Things I Dislike About Going to Hawaii🌴🌊☀️

I go to HI every year-love the Big Island-it's a great break from the Oregon grey. However, there are things I really dislike about the trip.
  1. I can only go during spring break. I teach and have a son in college so have to plan a trip for our break.
  2. I won't go to HI in summer because OR has THE BEST summers and it's too humid and hot in HI in July and August.
  3. Thousands of people are traveling from OR to one of the islands and it's a zoo at the airport. I stress I'll miss my flight. ✈️
  4. 💵 Hawaiian Airlines jacks up their prices during spring break week. I mean it's hundreds and hundreds more. 😐
  5. The flight is soooo long. Ok I have flown to Europe and yes that's long too. However, the anticipation of sand between my toes and sun on my face makes the flight seem so long.
  6. Honolulu airport is horrible. Thankfully, we rarely have to go through that airport.
  7. But in the end there's this