I have decided to try eating clean challenge for two weeks. I'm not a junk food eater but have some bad body habits when it comes to food.
  1. Chocolate. This is #1. I will eat it again but not so much.
  2. Diet Pepsi. I LOVE this. I've tried multiple times to quit but my cravings for it never leaves 😣
  3. Bagels. I used to eat an everything bagel once a week. I don't care for noodles or rice or even bread really but a bagel-yum.
  4. Soy cocoa (no whip). See #1. I usually call it soy crap because of a friend. 🙃
  5. Taco chips and salsa. I eat so much salsa daily but as a snack taco chips and salsa-so good.
  6. Cupcakes, cake, or ice cream (chocolate only, see #1). I have one of these once a month so I know I probably will have it when I'm done with this challenge.