So @pili_ervin and I talked about our deserted island top ten albums yesterday (he's one of the best conversationalists btw❤️). This is difficult because I love all types of music (except heavy metal and country), but here it is, as of this point in my life. The first 6 will never change (not in any order of preference).
  1. Marvin Gaye-What's Going On
    Love, love this album. Emotional and radical.
  2. Santana-Abraxas
    It's a mix of rock, jazz, blues and salsa that just makes a home in my soul. Samba Pa Ti was our wedding song.
  3. Al Green-Al Green Greatest Hits
    Cheating a bit as it is a greatest hits album but I've been listening to this since I was a love lorn teen.
  4. Joni Mitchell-Blue
    So romantic, so painful. A Case of You.
  5. Four Tops-Reach Out
    This album has one of my all time fav songs: Bernadette. Soulful and emotional, oh my.
  6. Derek and the Dominoes-Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
    Gosh I must be a romantic at heart. This is the way Layla should be played. Clapton is God.
  7. Bonnie Raitt-Give It Up.
    Soothing voice, wonderful lyrics. The best Bonnie IMO.
  8. Van Morrison-moondance
    Intimate. Poetry.
  9. Bruce Springsteen-Born to Run
    This was my go to album in college.
  10. Not sure which one: Adel-21 or DMB-Crash