What I Wanted to Be Growing Up, Chronologically

My mom was a housewife. I had no aspiration to be either married or have children when I was growing up. This was not because of mom but I didn't see what the big deal was. Therefore I dreamed about being a...
  1. Ballerina. I don't even know why. I don't think I ever saw a ballerina outside of books. No one I knew took lessons either.
  2. Secretary. This was my long time dream until junior high. I thought it would be cool to be my dad's secretary and learn to type.
  3. History teacher. In 9th grade I fell in love with historical fiction. Then in 10th grade Mr Luchow, my history teacher, made history cool and interesting.
  4. Historian. I was a terrible writer but loved history. What was I thinking?
  5. Special Ed teacher. Both my sister's were sped teachers. I'd hear them talk about their classrooms and thought that sounds so fun. Here I am 35 yrs later still teaching ❤️