Books that shook me!

books i found interesting and amazing.
  1. Fahrenheit 451!
    Such a good book. The entire second half of the book was exhilarating!
  2. Frankenstein!
    Book stirred my emotions. Showed me what it's like to look from the outside in.
  3. The Catcher in the Rye!
    It was a good book. I was surprisingly attached to it.
  4. Animal Farm!
    So good! I couldn't stop thinking about it! It was so powerful. I thought the ending was unfulfilling, but I guess that's great ! I feel as if that's the point though, a vicious cycle. I expected a great triumph after suffering for so long, but instead it showed the bleak outcome of communism.
  5. The Revenant!
    amazing book! page turner! good atmosphere and engaging writing! Ending took me a minute to get used to, but it's good.