1. First Monday in May
    So beautifully done and a wonderful virtual tour of The Met ball and the China Through the Looking Glass exhibition. A must watch for anyone interested in fashion history or who idolizes Anna Wintour.
  2. Bill Cunningham New York
    First of all, RIP Bill. As a non-New Yorker, this was a fascinating piece. Commentary on street fashion, the New York elite, and the legendary Bill Cunningham.
  3. Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's
    One of my favorite docs ever! Half behind the scenes look at Bergdorf's famous window displays, half history lesson. I was ignorant of the personal shopper angle, and the story about John and Yoko buying furs is something I tell too many people about.
  4. The Director
    This film reads more as a profile of the life of Frida Giannini than as a piece about fashion itself. It's a pretty slow paced film, but it's very intimate and gives a great behind the scenes peak about how runway shows are put together.
  5. The September Issue
    Again, I love Anna Wintour. The tale of how the infamous September issue of Vogue is made, from start to finish. Anna is vicious yet endearing, and the film is just as glamorous and exciting as the magazine itself.
  6. Dior and I
    This film follows Raf Simons as he premiers his first couture collection for the House of Dior. In addition to Raf's process, this film follows the men and women who physically make the clothes. Lines from Dior's own memoir narrate this beautifully shot film - the results are both romantic and haunting.