Inconsiderate? Yes. Necessary? Also yes.
  1. Death at a Funeral
    The original version, of course. I randomly got this movie at Blockbuster (you heard me) one night and I laugh until I cry every time I watch it. Particularly when Peter Dinklage jumps out of that coffin.
  2. The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
    Guys listen - I recently made @kln92 watch this and she legit enjoyed it because it's heartwarming and whimsical and exciting and that little boy is adorable as hell with his little socks and freckles. I saw this in theaters and I have no regrets!!!
  3. Bride and Prejudice
    The Bollywood version of the Jane Austen classic. Aishwarya Rai! Alexis Bledel, weirdly! And it's a musical! I'm obsessed with this movie and I made everyone in my sorority watch it and it did not disappoint.
  4. Hamlet 2
    UNDERRATED MOVIE ALERT!!! We all know that Steve Coogan is a genius, but this movie is such a gift. The musical numbers are inspiring, and Amy Poehler makes an A+ appearance. Warning: this film may be incredibly offensive to some people but I really don't care about that.
  5. Stranger Than Fiction
    Favorite movie 1 of 2. Will Ferrell is such a delightful surprise, but everyone in this movie is a knockout. Magical Realism at it's finest, and such a treat to watch. I also love when Dustin Hoffman is a lifeguard, so...
  6. The Music Man
    Favorite movie 2 of 2. Here are a series of short stamens describing my feelings: Robert Preston is the perfect man. My wedding vibe will be "Shapoopie." Tiny Ron Howard. Didn't understand the plot for a real long time. Everything is ok after you watch it.