I take a picture of my nails pretty much every time I get them done - here's a sample.
  1. Static
    These are the nails I am currently sporting. A lady in my yoga class thought they were Spider-Man but they are supposed to be diamonds.
  2. Static
    I call this a "champagne French."
  3. Static
    Loved these. Third eye realness.
  4. Static
    I took some headshots so I went with something simple.
  5. Static
    Mondrian. These made me feel so cool. I had to get fingerprinted for my job and the man thought they were a rubix cube
  6. Static
    Christmas holly.
  7. Static
  8. Static
    A flashier Christmas look.
  9. Static
    These were for my pregnant Kim Kardashian Halloween look.
  10. Static
    Burberry inspired.
  11. Static
    I don't love yellow but I loved these.
  12. Static
  13. Static
    Fourth of July, obvi.
  14. Static
  15. Static
  16. Static
    Classic kiwis.
  17. Static
    I did not love these at the time but still cute.
  18. Static
    Wizard of Oz.
  19. Static
    These are supposed to be like mermaid/starfish times but it sorta looks like exploding dynamite.
  20. Static
    Betsy Johnson inspired.
  21. Static
    I call this "A Diva's Christmas Carol."
  22. Static
  23. Static
    Bride of Frankenstein. 💕
  24. I get all my nail looks from Pinterest, and you can find my nail board here: