A continuing musing.
  1. Straws
    Having straws at your house is amazing. You can buy a billion of them for a nickel and it makes you feel very luxurious.
  2. Fresh Flowers
    Having fresh flowers at home is weirdly magical. You can get them for pretty cheap at a grocery store (I love TJ's) and it always makes my house feel like a real grown-up's house. And when people come over they're always like "Damn! Your house is so fancy!" But it's just the flowers.
  3. Magazines
    When was the last time you bought a magazine when you weren't in an airport? It's so glamorous to flip through a whole Vogue while drinking La Croix through a straw on your back porch. I'm also a fan of fancy magazines, like V, for a little artistic inspiration.
  4. Candles
    Look, candles are great. You can get a hella fancy one at Target for $10 and your home can smell like bergamot woods (whatever the fuck that is) instead of dog farts. They also make candles with prizes inside and that sounds dumb but it's actually very exciting.
  5. Bubble Bath
    And baths in general. I'm not a bath bomb fan but I love them bubbles. It makes you feel so fancy and can be good for your body. I love Dr. Teal's eucalyptus and mint because it has a shit ton of epsom salt and helps with soreness.
  6. Rice Cooker
    I only discovered the magic of the rice cooker very recently (thanks, @kln92) but it is a game changer. You put the rice in there and then you go watch some Fixer Upper and then an hour later you have rice! Whoa! You can buy a nice one for like $30.
  7. Bath Sheets
    Bath sheets are just giant towels. They cost like $10 more than regular towels and they're roughly 900 times bigger/better. Oprah loves them, I love them.
  8. High quality toilet paper
    You guys - there is nothing worse than cheap toilet paper. I won't go into details here - you get it - but it's just one less thing to be stressed about.