True confessions of a very bored REALTOR.
  1. Listen to books and play solitaire on my phone.
  2. Look through every drawer, cabinet, and closet in the house.
  3. Post pictures to my business Facebook page.
  4. Send an annoying amount of snapchats.
  5. Do cartwheels in empty living rooms with soft carpet.
  6. Watch whatever show I'm currently binging/YouTube videos of the Graham Norton Show.
  7. Make my friends and family come play House Hunters and bring me Sonic.
  8. Send more snapchats.
  9. Sit in the bathtub or pose in the kitchen and imagine that I live there.
  10. Eat the cookies I brought.
  11. Dramatically stare out the window and wish some people would come to my open house.
  12. 💙🏡💙
  13. Static