I usually hate to talk at the nail salon (I'm there for solitude and relaxin'!), but there was no one there today, so my nail tech and I chatted. I do not know his name, which is terrible but I've been going there too long to ask now... Here's what we talked about.
  1. Was I off work today?
    I'm a Realtor, so I'm always off work.
  2. It's raining today and it's going to rain tomorrow. He did not like that.
  3. We talked about how my dog doesn't like rain. For some reason, he asked me how much my dog weighs. I told him my dog is super fat, and he was like "fat dogs are so cute." And I was like "same."
  4. I just went to New York. He asked me what I did and how much my hotel room cost.
  5. He has been to LA and seen the Hollywood sign. He liked it a lot.
  6. He told me Tulsa is his hometown. This is figurative, since I had heard him say before that he is from Vietnam. Which just made me like him more. He likes Tulsa. "You have to like what you have." So, so wise.
  7. Thanks, nail man!