FYI: I'm a nerd
  1. Oswald
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    I mean come on. Imagine a tiny gray kitten named Oswald
  2. The doctor
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    Because how cool would it be to hang out with a time lord everyday? And it's obviously after the tenth doctor. Tennant wins all
  3. Rose
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    Because the doctor needs a companion and she was simply the best
  4. Elvis
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    He's the king. It just feels right
  5. Gandalf
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    The grey. A majestic long haired cat
  6. Scofield
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    Any prison break fans? Michael deserves a happy ending even if it's just through his namesake
  7. Pepper
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    Ironman FTW
  8. Darcy/darsie
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    Boy or girl. I l-love you, most ardently.
  9. Loki
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    Sometimes the pet you take home isn't the nicest, so naming then after a villain gives them some leeway