Northern New York allergy season just began and mine knock me the eff out. Here's how I feel when my immune system gets over protective of me, please add!
  1. Like a cat is scratching the inside of my throat
    ...and I'm also allergic to said cat
  2. Like my head is shrinking
  3. Like my head is expanding
    I don't get it either
  4. Like I'm going blind with watery/cloudy/itchy eyes
  5. Panicked that I'm never going to be able to smell anything ever again
  6. Holy shit my nose is so stuffed it's going to fall off
  7. Oh my god I just need to sneeze to relive the pressure
  8. Oh my god I just sneezed and I feel like I got shot it the side
  9. I can't breathe
  10. Wait, I really can't breathe
  11. Have I seriously taken breathing through my nose for granted my entire life
  12. I'm going to die
  13. I might live, power through!
  14. Never mind, dying ☠
  15. Holy ish I just woke up because I couldn't breathe and I was seconds from dying