My favorite food that comes from a box.
  1. Kraft calls their Mac and Cheese product a "dinner"
    Is that why it has taken me 24 years to eat it as a lunch?
  2. Do they powder the cheese the same way they powder milk?
    Can it accurately be called cheese?
  3. Who was the first person to come up with this delicious comfort food?
    And were they considered crazy at the time?
  4. Is this just an American obsession?
    What about the Swiss? Good chocolate probably indicates good cheese...
  5. Does it make me pretentious to want to cook my box noodles 'al dente'?
    Am I less pretentious for admitting it?
  6. Potentially more to come...I eat this stuff like once a week.
    Is once a week too much? I'm still learning how to be an adult.....