This actually has a story arc, economically. Starting at starving artist, peaking at rich success, sitting at comfortable, and ending at poor-ish post grad. (Shoutout to @list for helping my not so creative self)
  1. An artist (K-1st grade)
    Like an actual drawing, painting artist. Not the musical kind. DEFINITELY NOT the dancing kind, after one ballet class I knew I was only there for the tutus.
  2. A writer (2nd-3rd grade)
    I was the kid who described myself as "a very serious person". I guess I found this more scholarly.
  3. A doctor, specializing in pediatrics (4th-9th grade)
    I probably said it that way too. I also thought I'd go to Princeton for undergrad and Columbia for med school. Fairly sensible for a 9 year old since they're both near my hometown. I was gonna be a career woman with a firefighter husband who also stayed at home with the kids. Seriously. I planned this at 9 and told my family often.
  4. A veterinarian (10th-12th grade)
    Like a doctor, but for animals.
  5. A WILDLIFE veterinarian (12th grade-sophomore year of college)
    Shit got cray.
  6. A zookeeper (junior year-recent grad)
    More hands on work with animals, and how does that not look like the coolest job ever? Once you get over the poop and all...
  7. An environmental educator (recent grad: age 22-23)
    My inherent tree-hugger personality finally became apparent to me. It was already obvious to everyone else though.
  8. Executive director of a nonprofit organization (23-current)
    I'm still growing up. And I'd like to run shit one day.