Things to do today
  1. Environmental science labs - 2 hrs
    I was only able to complete and turn in 2 labs yesterday, so today I'm setting myself a goal to do and turn in 3 labs today: Owl Pellet lab, life tables lab, and the Pond lab
  2. Environmental science assignments - 1 hr
    I'm going to submit 2 assignments today: the Malnutrition webquest and the fishing game journal
  3. Environmental science tests
    I am going to take the Unit 4 exam tomorrow so I'm going to go over both the unit 4 notes and textbook
  4. APUSH music video
    Filming the video part
  5. Precal progressive test
    Study first 5 topics
  6. Chemistry test
    Do 2 pages of review
  7. Global business
    Project + concepts + explanation email
  8. Coding
    Code gazelle