While this week has been an emotional roller coaster, I woke up this morning feeling like a new woman. Here's why...
  1. I woke up to my alarm
    Every "new hires" nightmare is arriving late and being judged. Using my phone alarm is always tricky and I go to sleep so nervous I won't wake up to it. But this morning I woke up at 7:30 to the beautiful buzz of Radar.
  2. I got to cut the Starbucks line
    You never know what to expect when you go to Starbucks in the morning. Seeing as there are many new trainees at the Starbucks in Marlton Nj, the wait for my Venti cold brew would take even longer than before. My frazzled facial expressions must've been very prominent. The two suits in front of me lets me cut the line in order for me to make it to work on time.
  3. When I arrived to camp
    I never know where anyone is when I get to camp in the morning. The time clock is far away from anything else so it's always tricky finding my group. BUT today I walked into the kitchen to put away my lunch and there is my group of kids, quietly making cookies. Probably the best thing I could walk into at camp.