/sex mention/
  1. don't like boys was a giveaway
    i mean maybe one at some point but like compulsory heterosexuality is The Worst
  2. Olivia Wilde's bisexual character on House
    i was too into that episode as a tween that opens with her having sex with another woman
  3. being scared of changing in the girl's locker room because what if people could tell???
    maybe i wasn't sure yet, but what if other people were
  4. oops i had a big crush on some friends who are girls
    kinda have a crush on all of my friends always but whatever
  5. played softball
  6. went vegetarian
    have you ever seen But I'm a Cheerleader?
  7. clinging to TV and movies with any sort of lgbtq representation
    i tried to watch the L word but it wasn't good
  8. trying way too hard to be Not Gay and ending up coming off as very gay
    being way too hesitant to talk about "girl crushes" and girly sleepover things because girl crushes are real crushes lolol. being hesitant to be too affectionate while my other friends who are girls and Hetero could be "wifeys for lyfies"
  9. people teasing me about being gay and being like "true"