Albums That Changed My Life

Wether I first came across these from my 12 CDs on BMG 💿, someone's mixtape or Jed the Fish 🐟 late night's playlist. In no particular order...
  1. "Thriller" - Michael Jackson
    Nothing matches this force in pop history
  2. "The Chronic" by Dr.Dre
    a classic soundtrack for the streets filled with attitude
  3. "Nevermind" by Nirvana
    Artwork that caught your eye for sure, but a unique voice in the chants over loud riffs that caught your ear
  4. "Enter Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Wu-Tang Clan
    The aliases from this supergroup had you sold from the Ol' Dirty Bastard to Ghosface Killah
  5. "The Downward Spiral" Nine Inch Nails
    a magnum opus story which still holds up
  6. "Best of Bowie" David Bowie
    Because you can't only choose one