Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was 9 or 10 years old.
  2. There was a huge tree in our front yard I used to climb every day.
  3. I climbed it so much that I could do it blindfolded. I knew where all the branches were.
  4. There was a great spot near the top where I could sit on one branch, lean against another, and put my feet up on a third.
  5. I would take books up and read them there.
  6. I would also do stupid things to impress my friends.
  7. "Look, no hands!"
  8. "Look, I'm standing on one foot!"
  9. There was a branch near the bottom that was particularly springy. You could stand on it and bounce up and down.
  10. A friend was over, so I was demonstrating.
  11. I don't know what happened, except that suddenly I was falling.
  12. Head-first.
  13. Time seemed to slow down. You hear about that, but it's weird to experience.
  14. The branch wasn't very high. Maybe 7-8 feet off the ground.
  15. But I could see I was falling straight onto one of the tree's protruding roots.
  16. I thought, "This is going to hurt," and I closed my eyes.
  17. I wondered if I would be knocked unconscious.
  18. I wondered if I would wake up in a hospital.
  19. I wondered if my mom would be mad at me.
  20. I wondered if I would break my neck.
  21. I wondered why nothing seemed to have happened yet.
  22. I opened my eyes.
  23. I discovered that I was hanging upside-down.
  24. My foot had somehow gotten lodged between the two branches just below the one I had fallen from.
  25. I'm not sure how. I couldn't have fallen between them. I must have kicked it up there.
  26. My friend was screaming at me, but I couldn't hear anything she was saying.
  27. I pulled myself up, dislodged my foot, and climbed down.
  28. I told her to stop worrying, it was fine. Happened all the time, in fact. Forced some laughter.
  29. But I also told her not to tell my parents.
  30. Couldn't risk not being allowed in the tree anymore.
  31. I did stop doing dumb things to show off after that.
  32. Well, except for letting people time me on a stopwatch to see how fast I could get to the top.
  33. Because that was awesome.