1. Where is Dogmeat?
  2. Is he okay?
  3. How much does that weigh?
  4. Don't they know it's the END of the WOOORLD?
  5. I should probably be looking for my son.
  6. But first, Sanctuary needs more beds.
  7. And that guy needed me to find some green paint. That's important.
  8. What happened to Dogmeat?
  9. Dogmeat found something!
  11. Is there copper in that?
  12. What do you mean I can't romance Nick Valentine!?
  13. We're star-crossed lovers! Fighting for a acceptance in a bigoted world!
  14. It's weird that the game won't let me sleep in someone else's bed but WILL let me steal all their stuff.
  15. FINE. I'll romance Paladin Danse. But I won't enjoy it.
  16. Why can't I pick up this creepy clapping monkey toy?
  17. I guess you can never have too many desk fans.
  18. Wait... where's Dogmeat?