I have way too many notes on my phone that I never delete that range from like 2014 til present day and are either super important or literally completely random words that I can barely make sense of.
  1. Password and ID master list
    I'm not sure how safe or smart this is but I add to this list whenever I open an account for any website or app so I don't forget it. This also includes my brothers HBO Go login info. So yeah, this is my most valuable list of all.
  2. "Sh*t I Need"
    This list gets edited whenever I go to Target. Right now the list includes: poly mailers, Veggie Straws (current obsession), Stumptown Cold Brew coffee, and the movie Inside Out.
  3. "Wish List"
    Literally a list of stuff I wish I could buy if I had the extra cash which means I'm going to buy it at some point soon whether I can afford it or not because I have no self control. Includes: Hamilton mug and t-shirt, tempurpedic pillow, Fitbit, water proof Bluetooth speaker for the shower, and a Nutri Bullet.
  4. "To-Do List"
    Pretty self explanatory and generic. All it says is "clean and wash car". It's been there for months, so that should give you an idea of how disgusting my car is.
  5. Met Tour 10/10/15
    Notes from a an amazing tour I took at the Met six months ago when I was in New York. So many amazing gems were said by the tour guide that stuck with me and I felt compelled to write them down. My favorites: "never give up. Where there is life, there is hope." And "We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things, if we open ourselves up to it".
  6. Books to Read
    Self explanatory. The list is embarrassingly long because I've become a horrible reader as of late. It's shameful.
  7. Mom's Email
    Contains my mom's email and iTunes login information because she can never for the life of her remember any of it. No matter how many times I write it down for her. I'm my mothers personal secretary.
  8. Green Smoothie Recipe
    This was from 2 years ago when I was on a health kick. Never made the smoothie but one day I will.
  9. Random piece of writing
    There are about half a dozen of these pieces on here whenever i get a quick rush of inspiration. It hasn't happened in a while but I like to keep them on here so I can go back and edit them or add to it.