1. After a hysterectomy, where do sperm go? Do they float around inside you like a shuttle lost in space?
  2. Do I fart in my sleep?
  3. Would this hot dog bounce if I dropped it? Why am I eating food that bounces?
  4. Does my mom have flashbacks of wiping my butt as a baby?
  5. Did that poor bunny have a family on the other side of the road?
  6. At what age will my parents stop paying my insurance? Will I die that day?
  7. Why is the the idea of dancing naked charming, but the image so horrifying?
  8. Is heaven just a dream projected by the last few moments your subconscious is alive?
    Suggested by @cambonutz69
  9. Why are western European languages so absurd?
    Suggested by @cambonutz69
  10. Why can't we speak to cats and dogs?
    Suggested by @cambonutz69
  11. If humans get ghosts why don't animals? That was from Master of none I can't take credit for that..
    Suggested by @cambonutz69
  12. Why are humans the only mammals that have to wipe their butts?