NYC woke up with the heat
  1. An older Indian lady wearing a "THAT SHIT CRAY" long sleeve. How did that end up in her closet?
  2. A vocalist wearing ripped fairy wings, singing an eerie wordless melody
    Her name was echo, and was accompanied by a beatboxer.
  3. Young coconut water at Mad Sq eats
  4. Sailor debauchery
  5. A shitzu in its own stroller
    Nothing nee but still amusing. Most surprising that this was in brooklyn/the LES not the upper east...
  6. A man walking around in a loincloth and a balloon structure around his neck.
    Only noticed him after my friend said "is that guy naked???"
  7. "third place is bill nye. He's a persona on disney who does science, bill bnye the science guy, do you know him?"
    A girl no older than 12 asking her dad about bill nye.