Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a new way to create and discover lists about anything and everything. You can share your experiences, opinions, and expertise through richly formatted lists that include text, photos, and locations. Enjoy lists from friends and the leading voices in TV & film, music, food, sports, news, fashion, comedy and more in a vibrant and positive community.

Where can I download the app? is a completely free download available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Why lists? Where did the idea come from?

First and foremost, we just love lists. They’re the best.

We saw a unique opportunity to create a social network built around the simplicity and power of lists. Human beings are innately inclined towards structuring information; it’s one of our primary means of understanding. Lists are simple, powerful; the gold standard of sorting and sharing information for thousands of years.

We chose to create a product where people have complete freedom in composing their lists and have consequently seen grow into a vibrant community for self-expression, communication, discovery, problem solving, recommendations, and beyond. We aim to grow into the community for lists, about anything and everything.

Who should I contact regarding questions, suggestions, or technical problems?

Please feel free to email us anytime at:

Are there rules on what can and can’t be shared on

With the goal of fostering a positive, safe community, certain types of content are not permitted. For more information, please review our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Can I share my lists outside of the app?

Yes! You can share lists you’ve made or lists by others to Facebook, Twitter, and beyond. Shared lists can be viewed in web or mobile browsers, though the iPhone app is required to create lists.

Are my lists public?

By default, your account and lists are public, which means anyone can view and interact with you and your lists.

What are my privacy options?

We have built a number of great features to ensure a positive experience on We offer private accounts and several more detailed options, all of which are available through the settings screen on your profile tab. You may also report any content that you feel is inappropriate, and our team will review.

How long can lists be?

Lists can have up to 99 items. Individual fields (title, etc) each have their own character limits. There’s a character count on the right of each text input field letting you know how much space you have left.

Are you hiring?

We are always open to hearing from talented individuals who love lists and are interested in working on Please feel free to contact us at: