Here are key tips to dress like a man and look like wealthy man with minimal effort. Start out not worrying about brands until you have more money.
  1. Watch
    Should have at list 7 5 for work days and 1 for weekend and at least one Swiss made
  2. Dress shoes
    Min 3 pairs Black, Brown and One stand out
  3. Kicks
    Min: 3 pairs 1 pair retro Jordan's 1 pair beaters but name brand and 1 boating
  4. Shirts
    Many as needed but always pressed try keep 3 with your initials (color match shoes)
  5. Jeans
    Dark Blue and faded minimal breaking (no sag)
  6. Belt
    Just color match with the watch
  7. Socks
    No white color match the belt and watch.