American Graffiti (1973), Dir. George Lucas

This was my first time watching American Graffiti since beginning my obsession with mid-century American pop culture a year ago. Again, wondering what took me so long.
  1. American Graffiti, 1973, dir. George Lucas. Starring Ronny Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Charles Martin Smith. Filmed on Fourth Street in San Rafael and downtown Petaluma.
  2. "Hey! You know a guy with a piss-yellow deuce coupe? Supposed to be hot stuff?"
  3. "It's bitchin', tuck-and-roll. You know, I really love the feel of tuck-and-roll upholstery." (I'm with Debbie, tuck-and-roll is the most!)
  4. Laurie: "The first one, up at the lake...that was the first time you kissed me. I had to practically throw myself at you." Steve: "I remember."
  5. Mel's Drive-In. Sadly, the one from the movie is gone. My favorite is the one on Lombard. I still dream of those chocolate-banana milk shakes and the killer tunes.