What's freaking me out this week, May 8-14, 2016

Seriously...I'm freaking out about this stuff!!
  1. Milk (2008), starring Sean Penn...OMG THIS MOVIE!!! Harvey, you beautiful soul!!!
  2. That Cold Day in the Park (1969), starring Sandy Dennis and Michael Burns...Dude, I took notes!
  3. It's a Man's World (1962)...best freaking topical tv drama no one saw.
  4. Emile Hirsch as Cleve Jones in "Milk". Oh child! Can I have one??? Please??? (I've been good!)
  5. Michael Burns as "The Boy" in "That Cold Day in the Park". I would take him home, bathe him, feed him, and dress him up too! The whole "lock in the bedroom" part...🤔