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There is only one winnable candidate
  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. The former New York Senator, who spoke and made sense at the debate
  3. The woman who wore the blue suit at the second debate
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yes, a list list. it's like being a voyeur into my life
  1. Pull the honeysuckle from my mom's house. Replant them at my house
    We're having landscapers redo the walkway and I want to save the honeysuckle
  2. Sweep the floor before Neetu comes to visit tomorrow
    I want it to be clean when she sees it for the first time
  3. Wash the staff shirts I have to wear while coaching
    We have shirts we wear as the coaches so the kids know who to listen to
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Bands I was really into for a while but are barely a blip on top 40 radio
  1. 1.
    Sugar Ray
    Oh my gosh, who didn't love "Someday" and "Fly" and "Every Morning". 14:59 was maybe the third CD I ever bought and played on repeat from age 13-16. "Falls Apart" and "Someday" are still among my favorite songs, with "Someday" vying for a spot on the soundtrack of my life. Sugar Ray is not only done, but Mark McGrath has has three or four other careers since. They are gone long gone.