yes, a list list. it's like being a voyeur into my life
  1. Pull the honeysuckle from my mom's house. Replant them at my house
    We're having landscapers redo the walkway and I want to save the honeysuckle
  2. Sweep the floor before Neetu comes to visit tomorrow
    I want it to be clean when she sees it for the first time
  3. Wash the staff shirts I have to wear while coaching
    We have shirts we wear as the coaches so the kids know who to listen to
  4. Make a decision on using the 0% interest checks to pay down and stall my student loans
    I don't understand the terms and conditions, so understand them, then decide whether to use them
  5. Puree the kombucha squash currently in the oven
    I want to make pumpkin soup, this is an ingredient
  6. Don't forget about the Head and the Heart concert tomorrow
    I have good seats
  7. Download the free HatH album that came as part of the ticket
  8. Do work stidd
    That's a whole other list
  9. Reschedule brunch next Saturday
    I am double booked
  10. Go to the baby shower for Rashmee on Sunday
    I keep forgetting that's this weekend
  11. Find and order new clear glass votives
    I finally measured the ones I need to replace