Trying a vegan diet in hopes of improving my skin. This is what went on in my head as I roamed through the aisles of whole foods
  1. Yay I love Whole Foods, look at all these veggies
  2. Yes! Baby kale is on sale
  3. Stocks up on fruits, this is going well
  4. Yes I will have a sample of mango salsa
  5. Hmm what type of almond milk should I get ?
  6. What's that behind the wine aisle? Oh just a fridge full of cheese *turns around
  7. Woah that rotisserie chicken smells good
  8. Vegan sliced cheese...this doesn't look so good
  9. Omg how is this not vegan?
  10. Pizza sounds good..wait no vegan pizzas at whole foods *breaks out into tears
  11. Alright I think I have enough for today