1. Dang, this is extensive
  2. Three parts? With 5 subcategories in each part? Isn't that a lot?
  3. Not that I care, near-unemployed mouth breather that I am
  4. Honestly, it's good to have something to do again. And who knows, maybe they'll actually hire me!
  5. Or what if they're just harvesting ideas from potential candidates?
  6. TO STEAL?!
  7. That's totally unfair. How can they think they'll get away with this?
  8. Preying on the weak, the desperate (the brilliant)
  9. It's inhumane, I deserve better.
  10. We ALL deserve better
  11. Screw this, I'm not putting up with this shit!
  12. You people think I'm dumb enough to give you free work? Huh? Huh?! I don't work for free!
  13. I did 4 summers of unpaid internships so I would never have to do free work again.
  14. No way, man. No way
  15. .....
  16. But I do need to pay rent
  17. And my wifi bill
  18. And those Rachel Comey pants were screaming my name the other day...
  19. Okay, okay. A fifteen part skills test isn't really that bad
  20. And who knows, maybe they'll actually hire me!