When buttdialed I: a) Hang up immediately, b) listen briefly and then hang up, c) eavesdrop as long as I possibly can. I confess to all of the above. How about you? Here are a few examples ...
  1. @dev as a teenager
    When Dev was about fifteen, he buttdialed us from school. We listened as he sat through class and walked in the hall. We thought we might learn something truly exciting, but we only learned how boring high school could be.
  2. Acquaintances discussing our dinner invite
    We got buttdialed by two women who we had met briefly on a few occasions. I wanted to hang up, but I eavesdropping as they talked about us. I knew I was listening at my own risk. You never know what shit people might say about you. Luckily, they were talking about wanting to have us over to dinner. They said they liked us but weren't quite sure what we were about. "Kind of interesting", but they wanted to get to know us better. I was relieved they didn't say something nasty. No dinner invite yet
  3. Potential naming client
    We made a presentation to a naming client and they forgot to disconnect from the conference call. A few of our team wanted to listen in on their post call conversation but we said that would not be ethical and would be bad karma. We hung up.
  4. Friends arguing
    When we realized this buttcall was from friends arguing, we hung up immediately. It just felt wrong to listen in.
  5. Please share your own buttdialing confessions and stories.