Additional entries welcomed
  1. Lacklister
    Def: A lister who publishes a list with one lame bullet like: "I POOPED" The shorter the list, the more pressure to be brilliant.
  2. Dodge the bullet
    Def: To ignore a list request
  3. Bite the bullet
    Def: To respond to a list request
  4. Minimalist
    Def: A simple list with no explanations. Like "My favorite numbers"
  5. Realist
    Def: A list based on every day experience "What I ate today" "Favorite places to puke"
  6. Blacklist
    A dark, brooding list about things, people or places that suck.
  7. Pugilist
    Punch your list up a notch
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  8. Blistful: when your list is trending, saved, and liked by more than 10 people. See also: State of Blist.
    Suggested by @LAmag
  9. Sensationalist
    Two definitions 1) a list about a particular sense, or 2) a raunchy list.
    Suggested by @ohheymary
  10. A Nihilist
    someone on the list app, but never makes, favorites, or relists lists…is their existence even real?
    Suggested by @Dustin