1. We met them on our bike rides where we often stopped at the picturesque end of Captiva Island
  2. Alex was a tiny, frail ninety year old. Marion was stately, youthful ... In her eighties.
  3. We would see them sitting on their usual bench ... Watching the Dolphins and boats
  4. We stopped to talk and realized these were very special people. Fun, bright, insightful and somehow, ageless. Both retired psychiatrists.
  5. Marion was so clear, direct and intelligent. Alex, although frail and weak, had a wonderful sense of humor.
  6. Whenever we rode past their condo, we would look for them on "Alex and Marion's bench." As we called it. More often than not, they were sitting there.
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  7. Marion always treated Alex with such kindness and respect. Taking care to help him without appearing obvious or condescending.
  8. They were together for nearly half a century.
  9. Marion with her clear eyes and youthful, straight forward way of speaking. Alex with his twinkly, ninety year old smile and humor.
  10. Then, on Friday the thirteenth in February, we received this text from Marion ... Direct as always ...
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  11. We'll miss him too