I have a strange passion for writing song parodies. The List App is my latest target. Please sing along.Use search function to see the referenced lists.
  1. I'm corny and charming according to Cheever
    See "Unauthorized List App Power Rankings"
  2. When you see this list song, you'll be a believer. (at least the "corny" part)
  3. So here are some classics that you may have missed
  4. These are a few of my favorite lists ...
  5. "Tacos" by Gabi and "Lunch With an Old Flame"
  6. "Are You in an Airport" It's worthy of list fame
  7. Nicholas Kraft's lists are funny & smart
  8. And Zoe K's bullets go straight to my heart
  9. When the dog bites
  10. When the bee stings
  11. When I'm out of luck
  12. I simply reread Halley's "Good Shit This Week"
  13. And then I don't feel so fucked
  14. "Stuff I Say For Attention" and "I Just Don't Get It"
  15. "Secret Menus From Starbucks" Now who could forget it?
  16. "Cures For a Bad Mood" In case you feel stressed.
  17. And "Why My Grandmother Loved Me the Best"
  18. When the dog bites
  19. When the bee stings
  20. When I'm out of luck
  21. I simply reread "Things I Love But Forget"
  22. And then I don't feel so fucked
  23. "Things I Accomplished". "Ten Fun Facts From Devin"
  24. "Never Have I Ever" and Zoe K's "Heavens"
  25. "Characters Cut From the Simpsons" by Matt
  26. Charlie C's "Kinds of Lists on List App"
  27. When the Dog Bites
  28. When the bee stings
  29. When I'm out of luck
  30. I simply reread all my favorite lists
  31. (Everyone! Big ending!). And then I don't feel so fucked