Requested by @celine
  1. Been in a barfight
    Not even close. Do I need to hang out in seedier bars?
  2. Caught a fish
    Not a full sized fish anyway. Not really hooked on the whole fishing experience.
  3. Flown a kite
    I should probably take a remedial kite flying course. Actually, if I am even near a kite, it will crash. My kite karma is 0.
  4. Worked nine to five
    I understand some folks do this. What is it like?
  5. Had a martini
    This may be due to the lack of nine to five jobs and consequently, few business lunches. Is it worth trying?
  6. Watched a sunrise
    Not sure, maybe once. Again, due to an unstructured schedule, I never seem to be awake at six AM. I've heard that sunrises are beautiful, though.
  7. Skied or snowboarded
    I hate being cold and wet.
  8. Done serious drugs
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    Even though I grew up in the sixties and was kind of a hippie, I skipped the whole drug thing.
  9. Seen a complete episode of the Sopranos, the Wire or Breaking Bad
  10. Been shitfaced drunk