@dev , Kathy and I have probably cycled a total of 800,000 miles (no exaggeration). When you cycle that many miles, shit is bound to happen. Here's a brief chronology of our family's respective crashes. (Just the most colorful ones)
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    Kathy, about forty years ago in the Catskill mountains.
    Out for a leisurely ride with friends. I heard a crash and she was unconscious by the side of the road Luckily the first car that came by on this quiet road was EMS and they called an ambulance (no cell phones). Concussion, broken ribs and collar bone. A few days in the hospital Back on bike in a couple of weeks.
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    Me, 1992 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
    We figured we had ridden the distance to the moon, 240,000 miles, solely in Prospect Park. One winter morning my luck ran out. I hit an ice ball and landed on my hip. Turns out it was completely shattered. First five doctors I saw said I'd need major surgery and a year rehab. Riding again was iffy at best. The sixth doc I saw said I could do nothing and see if the pieces grew together naturally. He was right! And I was lucky. A couple of months and I was riding again.
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    Dev, around 2002 in Kissena Velodrome, Queens.
    Although we would have preferred tennis (much safer) Dev's passion was bike racing ... Often on the track (no brakes)😁 The track in Kissena was known as the worst velodrome in the U.S. The final turn was particularly rough and bumpy. Dev hit it at about 30 mph and crashed. Broken collar bone and assorted abrasions. A couple of weeks to heal and back to bike racing.
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    We all still love riding and may hit a "famillion" miles some day soon
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    More broken collar bones, a pinky, facial bones, abrasions and bruises galore and several unfortunate encounters with cars along the way. But, hey, for 800,000 miles of riding, that's really not too bad🚴🏻🚴🏻🚴🏻👍🏻👍🏻