We had a wonderful visit with @dev and @Grosstastic. Here's how it breaks down numerically:
  1. 12 Days
  2. 35 challenging mountain bike miles
    Rented bikes and rode on some of the most breathtaking trails. We rode straight from the back door. Here's Dev and Kathy at the top of a ride.
  3. 17 glorious hiking miles
    So many trails that you can access by walking out the door. One more beautiful than the next.
  4. 7 hard fought Scrabble games with Halley. Full disclosure: She won 4 of 7😰
  5. 2 Wild and crazy dominoes games
    A fair amount of drinkin and good natured profanity.
  6. 2 resplendent Peacocks
    2 amazing-looking, friendly peacocks stopped by often to say hello.
  7. 1 FANTASTIC visit
    Thanks you guys. ❤️😎❤️😎